Video Daze - Enjoying Bridgend

Dan Bunn

'Enjoying Bridgend' may not be a phrase you hear every day but Jack Branch has given it a whole new meaning with his bangin' new scene video. Good shit! 

Seemingly unsatisfied with being one of South Wales' dopest skaters and nicest dudes, the multi-talented Jack Branch has branched (get it?!!) out into the world of filming, blessing the internet with 20 action-packed minutes of South Wales shreddery from some of Bridgend's finest. The video was released 20 years after the legendary Bridgend scene video, 'Destroying Bridgend', with the name obviously paying tribute, and it was also released to celebrate Jack's 30th birthday. Happy birthday lej!

After years of rigorous training in the Ashmore dojo, Jack Branch has dragged the Bridgend boys kicking and screaming out of the comfort of the TF to lay waste to the streets of South Wales. 'Enjoying Bridgend' is filled with the crème de la crème of British small town spots with clips at a wide variety of supermarket carparks and industrial estates that's guaranteed to make you wanna get out there and make the most of whatever shit spots your own shitty small town has to offer. Stop complaining and get creative!

Starring Jack Branch (who goes full Gustav and refuses to give himself last part despite arguably deserving it), Jac 'Trend' West, Gabe Watkins, James Acott-Davies, Rhys Tweek, Pedro Mayn and many more, the video's got more legends than you could shake a stick at. It's even got some cameos from Cardiff's very own Leo Comanescu, Rob Herrington and Sean Barnes for that local angle. Now hurry up and watch it.

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