Video Daze - Dancer x Hardbody

by Dan Bunn

If, like us, you're sick of the endless tide of shameless, cash-grab collaborations (*cough* Primitive *cough*) then the new Dancer x Hardbody collab is sure to be a breath of fresh air that might even convince you that there's still some hope for the future of skateboarding. Don't give up just yet!

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What do you get when you mix one of New York's most exciting skate brands with a heavy serving of Scandinavian dopeness? The answer is a very enjoyable video packed with captivating visuals, a dreamy soundtrack and a whole lot of tasteful skating. NYC's Hardbody have teamed up with CPH's Dancer for a multinational collaboration between two of the world's most stylish cities.

These two titans of subculture have pooled their resources for an undeniably cool video, with Hardbody supplying edgy tunes that'll make you feel like you're K-holing in a trendy New York club while Patrick Bateman berates the barmaid, and Dancer implementing their signature animated visuals for an equally surreal experience - and it's not just weird dancing babies, keep your eyes peeled for some sneaky Hardbody and Dancer logos that have been edited into the background!

Featuring a strong lineup of legends from both sides of the pond, Dancer and Hardbody have sent out their A-teams for this one with the likes of Kyota Umeki, Josh Velez, Keith Denley and Antonio Durao repping for NYC while Dancer founders Hjalte Halberg and Anton Juul hold it down for Europe. Both teams have traded places for the video, with NY heads putting it down in Copenhagen and vice versa, for what's effectively a skateboarding foreign exchange program, except that it's far more fulfilling than being ignored by a French family for a week.

But let's get to the main attraction, because we all know it's the BFD (Big Friendly Dane), Hjalte Halberg. Hjalte footage is always a remedy for the soul but his floaty style reaches new levels of satisfying as he cruises through the streets of Copenhagen and New York. That line at Staten Island's ABC ledges is just... *chef's kiss*. And don't even get me started on the Hjalte and Antonio doubles clips. We are not worthy.

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