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Dan Bunn

New video offering from Malaysia's dopest crew, witness the Cute Asian Boys in action as they bring the pain to a load of Kuala Lumpur skate spots, starring everyone's favourite, Don Irfan.

Although travelling to Asia to indulge in cute asian boys is generally frowned upon, there is one guilt-free exception to this rule. Malaysian hardware brand, Cute Asian Boys Hardware (often abbreviated to CAB Hardware for the sake of your internet search history) are a Kuala Lumpur-based crew of heavy-hitters who've been putting in serious work in the streets of KL.

In their latest video, 'Thank You Love You', the Boys venture deep into the city's labyrinth of spots in search of lesser-skated terrain, showcasing the range of bangin' looking plazas and cutty backstreet gems that KL has to offer. Malaysia's not exactly a well-known skate destination (yet) so it's nice to what the country's got to offer. Who fancies a trip?

All the Boys bring some serious hammers, shutting down a variety of ledges, stairs, and everything else the city has to offer with style in abundance. Obviously, the cherry on top has got to be the clips of everyone's favourite Cute Asian Boy and #CSCShopDragon, Don Irfan. It's so sick seeing Don absolutely killin' it on his home soil, but we're still glad to have him back with us in Wales where we can bask in his radiance firsthand.

We're proper hyped to be able to stock a load of CAB Hardware product in the shop, particularly Don's pro model bolts. We've got Don's signature 'Don's Hardware' 1" allen bolts (which come with metallic red bolts for extra swag plus an incredibly dope Don sticker) as well as a load of premium, scented skate wax from the Cute Asian Boys to keep you slidin' and grindin' all day long. Make sure you grab yourself some goodies and show off your love for Cute Asian Boys loud and proud!

CAB 'Don's Hardware' 1" Allen Bolts

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the full range of Cute Asian Boys hardware and skate wax, and buy now from CSC. Or, check out more of the best skate videos on the CSC Blog. Safe.

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