Top 5 with Scooch

by Mike

The living legend himself Dan 'Scooch' Escorcio treats our eyes and ears to his Top 5 this week.

Scooch! Scooch! Scooch!

What a living legend Scooch is. Growing up Scooch was always the go to guy for any skate trivia or knowledge. The guy knew everything and had one of the best wardrobes.

While Scooch doesn't get to skate as much as he used to these day, he still keeps up to date with all the goings on within the skate world. Every time we see each other in the pub he's always like 'yo, have you seen this yet?'

When Scooch said he was down to do a Top 5 we were stoked. We knew the list would be a goody. Thanks for not letting us down mate.

Stefan Janoski - Subtleties


I'll start of with Stefan Janoski, he has a ridiculously good style, skates switch so good it looks effortless.


Anthony Pappalardo - Mosaic


Again another person with a great style, who skates primarily rugged East coast spots, and goes so well with Dinosaur Jr.


Nick Jensen - First Broadcast


I love this section as you see how much he progressed from Waiting For The World, also the song choice is on point.


Josh Kalis - The DC Video


Josh Kalis is a beast, loads of love park footage, what more could you want.


Brian Anderson - Yeah Right


That fact he's massive human being, but has ridiculously style is what impresses me about him, also this section introduced me to one my favourite bands of all time Interpol.
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