Top 5 with Reid Allen

by Mike
Man like Reid Allen is the man like Top 5 dis week. INSIDE.

Reid's a recent import into the Cardiff scene. But in no time at all he fully immersed himself within the various crews and put out the rad Lords of Bute Town zine. He's also the frontman for Rancor (best name ever) and has a garage MC alter-ego Reid Between The Lines. Big up our man like Reid.

John Cardiel - Cash Money Vagrant

Cardiel skating to bad brains. The best ever.

Stevie Williams - The Reason

“I think it’s kinda fun when the cops come it’s like run, skate, chill, run skate chill”, straight into a really long line. Fucking G shit. Almost all Love park footy, fair few Kalis tricks, hardflip front nose at the end. Doesn’t get much better.

Grant Taylor - Mindfield

Young GT skating to Dinosaur Jr., enough said. All terrain killing. The thread-the-needle ollie. Was a toss up between this and Debacle though, as that was the first GT part I saw and it blew me away.

Chewy Cannon - Diagonal

I grew up getting the train into central London to skate and this part sums up London skating: fast, big pop, half G half homeless steez. The mega long nose-grind followed by front 3 on flat going 100 mph gasses me UP. The back feebs on Moorgate handrail second-to-last trick, check that back foot. I also grew up on Diagonal, and this and Busenitz's part have been getting me pumped to skate for as long as I can remember.

Gilbert Crockett - Salt Life

Insane pop, big boy trousers, hard looking fucker. Largely responsible for my workwear obsession. This part bangs. The ollie over consecutive bins, the 50 gap 50 on the benches. Pure power. 

Bonus: Tom Knox - Vase

An alien from outer space. Almost everything in this is ludicrous. So many tricks that could be enders somehow done as part of a line. In general the Isle lot’s spot choice and re-working of classic British spots in this video is a treat.
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