Top 5 with Pirate Man

by Mike

Christian 'Pirate Man' Hart gets to delve into his incredible catalog of video parts for this weeks Top 5. Is it what you were expecting? Let us know in the comments.

It's pretty impressive how much of a big part Pirate Man plays within the Cardiff scene. From producing some  of  the  best  videos  to ever come out of our capital city, to working so hard at keeping Spit & Sawdust the raddest park ever that his hair's turning grey, to actually being the most motivated and generous CSC member. 

Anyone who sends texts asking about a 9am Bute session on a Monday morning is an ultra king in my eyes.

Moses Itkonen - Let The Horns Blow

Before he was just known for nosesliding everything in sight, Moses was a beast! Great tune, cleverly interspersed vert so can't skip it, all the awkward ledge tricks, pre 'Spanish' grinds / switch nosegrind pop outs in the smooth, songless Love footage made me tighten my wheels so much, it too sounded like one solid block of wood being dropped on the ground.

Bam Margera - cKy: Landspeed

This blew my mind! My mate bought this thinking it was just a conventional skateboarding video...that, it was not! The very beginning of the CKY / Jackass chaos, 100% raw, didn't even give a half a shit! Def Leopard mongo push section was cracking!

Blind Ollie Soft Rock - Day in the City 1

They say never meet your heroes...well I met Alan Glass and he's bloody lovely. AG's entry in the first Day in the City flick will always be playing on loop in the back of my eyes and has been for around 16 years! Massive inspiration, burning bible early grab and the lobbing of the 'good' book / scream ender are genius.

Eric Koston - Chomp On This

Top pro's pissing around was not seen in the 2000s...not until this gem! The whole video is hilarious but Froston holds the crown, GG Allin soundtrack, basketball outfits, failing to down a tiny beer, pizza eating ollie and stopping dead in a run twice and carrying on.

Danny Brady - Lost And Found

One of the all time greatest British skateboarding videos. Magee always captured the true essence of British skateboarding from the weather, to cups of tea. A powerful opener of a section, with a great song, the back 180 fakie manual is ludicrous.

Bonus: Heath Kirchart - Mind Field

Mind blowing! Morrissey, owls, that backlip ride away (best afterbang ever - CSC), that Caballero head tilt ride away (second best afterbang ever - CSC), angels, and the 'road' gap. There's few that can pull off a shakka braa...

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