Top 5 with Harry Jones

Harry Jones comes through with this weeks Top 5. This one's been a while in making, and it's been well worth the wait.

Photo: @reids_world

In between being one of the most 'on it' person when it comes to actually going skating, or responding to text messages or the group chat and making iPhone edits, we got Harry to pick out what is probably the most #current Top 5 ever.

We all miss the days when you'd see Harry about in town pointing his fisheye at people. Can we start a GoFundMe or something to get him a new camera so he can get back out in the streets making stars of you all?

Cyrus Bennett - Elite Squad

This part only came out in the last few days but I mean dayum! Board breaking line enders, mid line football volleys, trick and spot selection on point with style for days. Deal with it!

Koichiro Uehara - Lenz II

Quick feet, quirky lines and loose trucks that save lives. Not to mention the filming / editing, way too good.

Al Davis - GX1000 Remix

So here's a remix of GX clips from the man himself because I mean Al Davis is basically God. Any clip from him is a blessing.

Yoan Taillandier - Minuit Bordeaux

Night footy, classic hiphop tune and savage skating. All with a filmer that uses a VX like a samurai on a war path. What more could you want!

John Shanahan - Mean Streets

Transworld said it best; '90s camera, '90s garms, '90s jams, could you ask for more!

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