Top 5 Skate Video Celebrity Cameos

Dan Bunn

Skateboarding's pretty popular now, but it wasn't always so common seeing celebs getting down with skaters. Join us as we take a look at some of the best examples of celebrities appearing in skate videos from over the years.  

Owen Wilson - 'Yeah Right!' (2003)

Front salad, back salad, front blunt. Easily one of the most iconic examples of a celebrity cameo in a skate video, Owen Wilson's appearance in Girl's 'Yeah Right!' has sparked furious debate about whether the actor actually skates for almost 20 years. Wilson shoots the shit with the Girl crew, roasting a couple of the boys for their lack of clips before being confronted about his own footage, at which point he gets up and bluntslides the rail first try. Despite the cunning disguise and editing trickery, shrewd viewers will notice that it's not actually Owen Wilson skating, no matter how much we'd like to believe it.

Snoop Dogg - 'Away Days' (2016)

Rap icon and prolific weed smoker, Snoop Dogg, makes a guest appearance in Busenitz's part in Adidas' 'Away Days', in which he gives Busenitz some much-needed skate coaching. There’s something beautifully ironic about a man known for smoking excessive amounts of telling Dennis Busenitz of all people that he needs more speed. The cameo kinda makes sense though seeing as Busenitz skates to a Snoop track in the part. Jonah Hill also pops up in Tyshawn Jones' part in this video for a nice little double whammy.

Johnny Rotten - 'Sorry' (2002)

Before making his Countrylife Butter millions, former pop star, John Lydon, was best known for his appearance in Flip’s legendary video, ‘Sorry’. In true punk rock fashion, Mr Lydon - otherwise known by his stage name, Johnny Rotten - wakes up in his mansion before introducing the video and apologising to the dear viewer for the delays in the video’s release, owing to the fact that ‘as brilliant as [the Flip team] are on their skateboards, they’re fuckin’ idiots off them’. The best part though is when he slags off the X-Games and ‘silly skatepark rules’ seeing as Flip’s team is now heavily reliant on contest skaters. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Will Arnett - 'Pretty Sweet' (2012)

Building on the legacy of Owen Wilson's 'Yeah Right!' cameo, Girl and Chocolate recruited Will Arnett to roast some of the team for 'Pretty Sweet'. While the skit definitely feels more forced than the Owen Wilson one, Arnett definitely delivers a fair few zingers, especially ripping Raven for skatepark footage and Alex Olson for doing old man tricks. The Elijah roast about being a retired rocker is especially relevant too following his beef with Austyn. I guess history really does repeat itself. They also got Jack Black to pretend to be a filmer (and basically just be Jack Black) but that section's a bit more painful to watch.

Woody Harrelson - 411VM (circa 1997)

While this isn't a particularly entertaining cameo compared to some of the others, the lore surrounding Woody Harrelson's appreciation of skateboarding is pretty sick. Rumours have long circulated of Woody lurking around Pier 7 in San Francisco and he's repeatedly been sighted sporting various skate brands - obviously that doesn't really mean much in this day-and-age, but shit was different back then. So, when legendary East Coast filmer, Dan Wolfe, spotted Woody on a flight to Europe he managed to coerce him into film this short-but-sweet 411 intro. Of course, there's loads of other celebrity 411 intros, but Woody seems like one of the few who's actually down with skating. He even wore a Satori Wheels bucket hat when he appeared on 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' so I guess he's still into it.

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