Top 5 Parts with Stu Miller

Dan Bunn

Stu Miller, AKA Switch Tre Stu, is a true OG of the Cardiff scene who's been killing it throughout the whole South Wales area for years. When he isn't busy coaching the next generation of rippers at Spit and Sawdust, you can normally find him getting tech in the streets or adding to his extensive repertoire of mind-boggling (and sometimes borderline illegal) flatground tricks.

Stu comes through with a bangin' selection of ultra-G parts from all over the globe, as well as some premium Cardiff-based picks and top-tier honourable mentions. Drink some Irn Bru and have a gander below and you might just be able to switch tre like the man himself.

Stu Miller Frontside Noseblunt - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

Antwuan Dixon - Baker Has A Deathwish

Absolute steez merchant. Everything about this part is spot on. Antwuan Dixons style is so good to watch and that biggie track couldn't be any more perfect.

Carlos Ribeiro - A Place For Everybody, 2010

Another skater whose manoeuvres are extremely pleasing on the eyeballs. This part was from a small Spanish video that me and the homies used to rinse back in the day. Still do to be honest!

JB Gillet - Manolo's Tapes, 2013

Love all the Manolos tapes but this is the one I watch the most by an absolute mile. Love the way he has always done his tricks and especially the way he puts lines together.

Wade Speyer - Dedication, 1998

Frontside hurricane on that spine ramp. That is all.

Dylan Hughes - Today Now, 2019

Everyone knows Dylan is the best. This part is absolutely bonkers, tune is sick and it's filmed by a bunch of legends. Top notch butt.

Honourable Mentions

Jerry Hsu - Bag of Suck, 2006

Chris Jones - Vase, 2015

Anything by Mark Suciu

Any 90's Penny

In true Tom Penny fashion, none of the embedded videos wanted to work so have a link to his classic Menikmati part instead.

Now That's What I Call Skateboarding

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