The 8th Cardiff Plaza Comp 2017 Footage


The 8th Cardiff Plaza Comp was an absolute right laugh. Can't believe that the edit is out already? Neither can we.

Is the the quickest we've ever churned out a plaza comp edit? Probably yeah. Will this set the new standard for getting edits outs swiftly? Definitely not. A huge thank you to big sexy Hazza D for grafting on the day and then spending his entire day off in the shop putting this together. Luv u Haz.

As always the day was proper good fun, with people coming as far as Newport, Haverfordwest, Bristol (big up 5050 for turning 20) and Southsea. Drinks flowed and blazers blazed. Hammers got put down and Luca raided Sean Barnes' wardrobe.

A massive, massive thank you to Skate CafeSML WheelsLovenskateRealOutpostSpitfire, and SWYD, for the prizes. Al at Enthusiasm Events and Andrew for sorting the DJ truck, sounds and transport. Ed Carter and Nick Richards for DJing. Christian of Spit & Sawdust for bringing down the raddest tuck shop. Guto and Sharpy for taking on the judging duties and finally Jim for MCing and being the best person on a mic since Barry at the bowls.

Under 16's Results
3rd - Gabe Sydenham
2nd - Dave Perkins
1st - Tom Birkett

Over 16's Results
3rd - Ioan Powell
2nd - Filipe
1st - Alex Hurst

3rd - Sean Barnes
2nd - Ethan Watkins
1st - Jack Steele

Best Trick
Dylan Hughes - Switch Heel Back Smith

And that's it until next year. Maybe treat yourself to a new t'shirt or a deck or something from us so we can keep doing all this rad shit.
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