The 10th Cardiff Plaza Comp 2019 Edit

by Mike

Click the play button and let your eyes feast on the 10th Plaza Comp destruction.

For the second year in a row the rain has played silly buggers with our Plaza Comp. Maybe we should stop doing it the same time as Greenman festival? Probably a good idea aye? Anyway, enough about that. Harry Deane's giving you the goods to re-live what went down. Despite the rain and heavy wind, shit went down, big style. 

Under 16's Results
3rd - Rhys Rako
2nd - Jojo Richards
1st - Gabe Gorman

Over 16's Results
3rd - Will Mux
2nd - Josh Codmun Haddock
1st - James Carter

3rd - Mike Hellier
2nd - Jake Collins
1st - Jack Steele

Best Trick
P-Man - Terminator into the sea

Once again, a huge shout out to everyone who braved the weather, sank some cans, helped sweep the park, clapped, cheered, booed, walked their dog. Harry Deane for filming, Guto for doing all the running around, Al & Andrew for the DJ truck, Kay @ Prom Queens for the tunes, P-Man for MCing, Nia and Becca for the hot dogs, Kev, Dykie, Sharpy, Llyr and the rest of the judges. And of course #alloursdponsors New Balance Numeric, Skate Cafe, Handy, Santa Cruz, Quasi, Brixton, Huf, Welcome, Spit and Sawdust, Prom Queens, Orbs, Polar, Indy, Bones, Shiner Dist, Keen Dist, Rock Solid Dist, Out of Step Dist.
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Rad edit big up wish I could have been there!!

Jim O

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