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by Dan Bunn

It's official. Cardiff Council are looking to give our skate facilities a serious facelift and all you need to do is fill out a short survey, seems like a pretty sweet deal to me. 


We've been working hard behind the scenes, along with our mates at Cardiff Youth Services, to convince the council that we need, and deserve, a brand spanking new skatepark here in Cardiff, and now we need your help.

The council have announced their plans to begin a 'multi-phase process' to improve Cardiff's skate amenities with the help of Canadian firm, Van Der Zalm and Associates. The company has completed over 300 high profile skatepark projects across Europe, Canada and the US, including SoMa skate plaza in San Francisco and Vancouver skate plaza

VDZ+A have worked on a number of projects which incorporate skating into public spaces, such as The Plaza at The Forks - which features a skatepark integrated into a plaza in the heart of downtown Winnipeg - so hopefully we'll be something something similar in the heart of Cardiff. 

The survey asks a number of questions about the existing spaces in Cardiff and how they could be improved, so don't be scared to tell them what you think. The more responses the survey gets, the more interest the council will see and the more likely we'll be to get bigger and better facilities. So get your mates to sign, get your mum to sign, get your hamster to sign if you can, the more responses we get the merrier we'll all be.

Coinciding with the survey, Cardiff Council asked local legends, Redbrck, to produce a short documentary about the Cardiff skate scene which takes a look into the history of the scene, and what it means to be a skateboarder in Cardiff today. The doc, 'Un-Capped', features plenty of familiar faces including Lee Dainton, Phil Morgan, and everyone's favourite swashbuckling smelly, Christian Hart. The video's a perfect representation of Cardiff's amazing skate scene, with a tasteful blend of skating, interviews, and lifestyle hammers. Big shoutout to Nick Wotton and Marcus Georges from Redbrck, who put in the work to show the world how sick our little scene is.

If there's something you want to see in a future park, or something you think Cardiff is missing, be sure to let them know in the survey. Don't worry though, this survey is just an initial consultation and there should be more opportunities in the future to discuss specific details of the facilities and their locations.

If you haven't already, you can fill out the survey here. Safe.

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Great initiative! …‘click here to take survey’ button won’t work.


Get something different. No stairs, bowls, gaps or rails. All easy going flow and glide.


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