Save The Date - Static VI Cardiff Premiere

by Dan Bunn

We're very hyped to announce that we'll be hosting a premiere of Josh Stewart's new 'Static VI' skate video, the final instalment in his 24 year long video series, this Friday 10th November. Viewing is essential!

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Static VI Cardiff Premiere Poster, screening on 10th November at 6:30PM in Cardiff Skateboard Club - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

The lads have been touring all over the world hosting premieres from Finland to Osaka and after the UK premiere at Hackney Picturehouse last night, it's finally our turn to witness 'Static VI' in all its glory. Painstakingly filmed and put together by certified legend and Theories of Atlantis head honcho, Josh Stewart, 'Static VI' is the last instalment (or so he says) in this seminal 24 year series and you know he's gonna be ending it with a bang. Join us this Friday 10th November in the shop from 6:30PM for the Cardiff premiere of this guaranteed instant classic. 'Static VI' is not to be missed!

Jordan Trahan Wallride Backside 5-0 from Static VI, photo by Pep Kim - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

Hitting our screens a whopping 24 years after the original 'Static' came out in 1999, 'Static VI' continues the series' legacy of shining a light on the peripheries of skateboarding, in cities like New Haven, New Orleans, Chicago and Boston, with an updated cast of modern day legends that you may have been sleeping on. The full 'Static VI' lineup includes Brett Weinstein, Christian Maalouf, Brian Powderly, John Baragwanath, Jordan Trahan and Trevor Thompson with guest appearances from Aaron Herrington, Jahmal Williams, Kevin Taylor and many more. If you weren't buzzing already this lineup 

Characterised by raw, rugged street skating, the 'Static' series is without a doubt one of the most well-loved and influential skate video series of all time, helping to inspire countless skaters to pick up a camera and follow their mates and paving the way for the wealth of underground, independent videos we see today. If you've never seen them before, we'd highly recommend checking out some of the previous videos (although they may be hard to find online) to witness groundbreaking parts from all-time legends like Jake Johnson, Kenny Reed, Aaron Herrington and Paul Shier. Jake Johnson's 'Static IV' part should be on the school curriculum.

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