Spit's Winter Wonder Jam


Spit's Winter Wonder Jam footage that only took 46 days too come out, sorry. But it's basically the Lloyd and Ethan show so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Whoa, was this actually 6 weeks ago? Man, January felt like the ultra hangover. Hopefully this footage from Spit's annual Winter Wonder Jam will sort out your month plus comedown. 

Hit the play button and watch high grade stunting from Lloyd Houston, Ethan Watkins, Gabe Gorman, not-so-little Louis Curtis, Nick Jones, Passion Berry, Jeff Young, Mike Hellier, Gaz Leak eating cameo, and more.

As always, big shout outs to Christian, Nia, Becca, Tom and Stu @ Spit for providing us with the best space ever to do our ting, Harry Jones for getting fisheye right in there and Al Power for all the sounds and Phil for the artwork.

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