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Go Skate Day, LSP Jam, The Flare premiere; it's all going on this week. Events are a bit like a waiting for the number 30 bus. You stand around waiting for ages for one, and then three turn up at once.

This week sees the official worldwide Go Skate Day event happening tomorrow (Wednesday 21st). We're all in work tomorrow though #firstworldproblems. BUT, Christian and Nia at Spit are giving anyone brave enough to step into the hotbox a free skate. 

Starting at 1pm on Saturday is the LSP jam. I imagine it will be a bit of a boozy one, with lots of guaranteed laughs. Check out the Facebook event page for more info.

Then, come Sunday is the official CSC Go Skate Day event. The plan is to meet at the shop for 1pm, and then take it from there. Challenges, prizes, and stupid comps await.

Then after that carnage we'll be putting on the new Lakai video, The Flare in our good mates Blue Honey Night Cafe at 8pm. V. excited to it, you should be too.

Here's a little reminder of what fun looks like. 

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