Skateboard Cafe SS17 Decks

by Mike

Skateboard Cafe bringing the summer heat with their new range of decks for SS17.

Not long after dropping this and this footage comes Skateboard Cafe's SS17 deck range. The collection features a continuation of their love of jazz inspired graphics, in the form of a new Korahn pro model and the Morgan team deck. Along with the Planet Donut graphic getting a tonal make over and the Diner Logo boards getting the embossed and tonal treatment. And they look fucking wicked. Just check this out.

All new for the drop is the Tea Cup graphic which comes from that old Disney film about the girl who gets falsely imprisoned buy a man crossed with some sort of I don't know what the fuck that thing is, but it works out fine cos she gets savage Stockholm Syndrome and he lets her use his library with the sick sliding ladder. Oh yeah, and all the house servants got changed into the furniture and crockery. It's a bit of a fucked up story really. But it does have the best rave scene since Human Traffic.

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