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Sean bloody Barnes. Former pinstripe shirt lover, chief City Surf shop lurker, flip noseslide claimer. Now Hawaiian shirt lover, part-time CSC store lurker and full-time member of the subtle Gustav lookalike crew.

Photo: Youngblud

In between getting tech'r with better steez than most and running all tings regarding Chilluminati, Sean was good enough to put together a Top 5 for us.

Jani Laitani – Get Tricks or Die Trying

Perfectly blended Euro tech and New order.

Pros: Big flip front nose slide

Cons: Really hard to pronounce his name.

Tony Trujillo – In Bloom

First skateboard video I ever downloaded illegally. Introduced by John Cardiel, ultra powerful style all around rockstar. Single handedly the reason I learnt to drop in.

Pros: All Terrain Killer, one of the best frontside 180s down a stairset.

Cons: Might make you like Motley Crue.

Nick Trappaso – Suffer The Joy

Trippy hippy, serial chiller, eventually turned into a bit of a space cadet but his closing part to Suffer the Joy was ahead of it's time.

Pros: Skates a selection of really good trousers, first backside 360 kickflip I saw down a legit stair set.

Cons: Started a really terrible skateboard company and went off the grid.

Brent Atchely – Elementality Vol 1

No stairs, no rails; just the best style in the game. No-one skates quite like Brent.

Pros: Turns out you can be pro without jumping down shit.

Cons: It'll make you want to skate Burnside, and you probably can't. 

Tyler Surrey & Gustav Tønnesen - Stee

With more 'what the fucks' than you can shake a stick at, this whole video is incredible, but last part shared by tech wizards Tyler and Gustav is something else. Some of the most incredibly difficult and creative ledge tricks I've ever seen and switch hammers through out. You'll be rewinding some of the clips in this more than a few times. Spanish grind to front krook to fakie and switch flip melon a bump to bar are just a couple of the retarded tricks you'll witness, and that's not that half of it.

Pros: This part pretty much proves that nothing is impossible on a skateboard, this isn't your average no comply session.

Cons: The tricks are actually too hard to even have a crack at, this isn't your average no-comply session.


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