Product Spotlight - Theories of Atlantis Summer '24

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Crack that third eye wide open with the new Theories of Atlantis Summer '24 collection, coming through with a fresh range of decks and clothing packed with conspiracy theories and niche references galore.

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Theories of Atlantis Symbols Deck

We're always hyped to see what Theories of Atlantis have been cooking up in their secret laboratories and their latest drop delivers yet another top-quality selection of goodies for the truth-seeking skateboarder. Coming through with a variety of new decks, caps, pants and more, the Theories of Atlantis Summer '24 collection dials back some of their usual occult imagery but is still packed with obscure references to various films, music and more. Find out more below!

Theories of Atlantis Decks

Kicking things off with a fresh selection of premium planks, the latest Theories of Atlantis decks are slightly less mystical than some of their previous offerings while still providing plenty of mental and visual stimulation with their various different references and allusions. Whether it's the new Nyle Lovett 'Brewing Co' Deck paying tribute to an old-school Indianapolis Brewing Co advert or the appropriately-titled 'Get Off The Internet' Deck with its graphic referencing an obscure album cover that's sure to challenge even the most knowledgeable of music nerds - bonus points to anyone who knows who skated to the band in a classic 2003 video! 

Theories of Atlantis Get Off The Internet Deck

But don't worry if you'd rather stick with their classic conspiracy theory themes as the collection also features the new Theories of Atlantis 'TV Faces' Deck, featuring artwork by returning artist, Jevante Smith, inspired by the CIA's infamous MKUltra experiments, as well as the Theories 'Symbols' Deck which features a variety of hieroglyphs referencing different conspiracy theories, including alien abductions, exploding towers and creepy owls. I mean it wouldn't be a Theories of Atlantis drop if there wasn't at least some occult mysticism, right?

Theories of Atlantis TV Faces Deck

Theories of Atlantis Pants

Moving onto their clothing, Theories have treated us to a selection of top-quality legwear with new shorts to get you ready for summer as well as some of their ever-popular Plaza Jeans. Reimagining their best-selling 'Stamp' Lounge Pants, the new Theories of Atlantis 'Stamp' Lounge Shorts are a must-have for summer with their elasticated waistband and loose, knee-length fit for the perfect blend of fashion and function. Complete with the 'Stamp' artwork embroidered on the pocket and a Theories label on the rear, the 'Stamp' Shorts are available in a stylish Sage Green colourway to help add a subtle bit of colour to your fits.

Theories of Atlantis Stamp Lounge Shorts

If you're not ready to get your legs out just yet, we've also got the legendary Theories of Atlantis 'Plaza' Jeans making their triumphant return in a timeless Washed Blue colourway. Featuring a loose fit with a gently tapered leg, the 'Plaza' Jeans are an excellent alternative to pants like the Polar '93 Jeans, offering a tasteful baggy fit without being too over-the-top. Just like the 'Stamp' Shorts, the 'Plaza' Jeans also feature a stylish pocket embroidery and rear flag label for some subtle branding.

Theories of Atlantis Plaza Jeans Washed Blue

Theories of Atlantis Caps

Alongside the new pants, the collection also features some bangin' new Theories of Atlantis Caps to help shield your dome from the summer heat. If, like us, you're sick of the crap weather we've been having recently then the Theories of Atlantis 'Oasis' Cap offers something to aspire towards with its cool Washed Indigo colourway and embroidered 'Oasis' patch, featuring a desert oasis complete with pyramids and UFOs for a signature Theories twist.

Theories of Atlantis Oasis Cap Washed Indigo

Alternatievly, we've also got the new Theories of Atlantis 'Crosshairs' Cap which is less likely to make you depressed about our dismal summer with the graphic featuring a view of the New York skyline, complete with the Twin Towers and a UFO in the crosshairs, inspired by the CGI Glider sequence from John Carpenter's legendary film, 'Escape From New York', alongside an embroidered Theories logo on the rear which also pays homage to the film.

Theories of Atlantis Crosshairs Cap Black / Green

Theories of Atlantis Socks

Last but not least, Theories of Atlantis have also treated us to some seriously premium socks featuring one of our favourite graphics from their Holiday '23 collection. In true Theories fashion, the new Theories of Atlantis 'Conscious Kitty' Socks feature references upon references with Nyle Lovett's iconic 'Conscious Kitty' graphic in a stylish black and white colourway, paying tribute to the Theories 'Consumer' deck which itself pays tribute to Brian Lotti's iconic 'Caring Consumer' Deck for Blind, which Nyle has put his own twist on with one of his beloved Maine Coon cats.

Theories of Atlantis Conscious Kitty Socks Black / White

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the full range of Theories of Atlantis skateboard decks and clothing and buy now from CSC. Or, find out more about the latest skate product on the CSC Blog. Safe.

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