Product Spotlight - Polar Skate Co Clothing Holiday '23

by Dan Bunn

Get into the Holiday spirit with the new winter collection from Pontus Alv's Polar Skate Co, complete with new hoods and crews, Big Boy Jeans colourways and even some flap caps to keep those ears warm.

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Polar Skate Co T-shirts

As always, the new Polar Skate Co Winter clothing collection features a strong selection of graphic tees with designs supplied by a variety of cutting-edge, contemporary artists that you may remember from their previous Fall collection. Multi-talented visual maestro, Sirus F Gahan, is back with another tasteful photography-based graphic in the shape of the Polar Skate Co 'Core' T-shirt, with a stylised image of an apple in front of an epic, mountainous backdrop.

Polar Skate Co Core T-shirt (Black) - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

Another certified banger from Sirus, the Polar 'Welcome to the New Age' Longsleeve T-shirt is at the complete opposite end of the spectrum with its colourful and cartoony hand-drawn artwork depicting a devil atop a world in flames which seems pretty accurate for the current era. Sirus is clearly a man of many talents with his film-based and photographic talents already well known but its nice to see another side of his creativity.

Polar Skate Co Welcome to the New Age Longsleeve T-shirt (Black) Back Print - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

Also returning for this new drop, lo-fi analog illustrator, CRUDE, has come through with two stylish new designs showcasing their diverse artstyle with the new Polar Skate Co 'Hijack' and 'Ball' T-shirts. While the 'Hijack' tee features an ultra-trendy, tribal-style design with a sketch of a toy steam train on the back for that modern, mixed-media aesthetic, the 'Ball' tee takes a more traditional approach with a chest print of a puppy chasing a ball for a clean and simple look.

Polar Skate Co Hijack T-shirt (Black) Back Print - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

Polar Skate Co Hoods

To pair up with the tees, the drop also features a load of new Polar hoods and sweatshirts because we all know it's getting rather cold out. Keeping in line with the current zip-hoodies trend, the drop features the tastefully simple Polar 'Default' Zip Hood in Heather Grey with its embroidered Polar logo and custom Polar coin zipper for some nice, minimal branding.

Polar Skate Co Default Zip Hoodie (Heather Grey) - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

Alternatively, on the more visually stimulating side of things we've also got the new Polar 'Dave Faces' Crewneck in a cool Grey Blue colourway which features embroidery of Jacob Ovgren's 'Faces' artwork in red for a nice bit of contrast, as well as the new Polar 'Dave Stretch Logo' hood in a Christmassy Dark Wine colourway with the sleek 'Stretch Logo' embroidered on the chest. 

Polar Skate Co Dave Stretch Logo Hoodie (Dark Wine) - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store


Polar Big Boys Jeans

We all know what you're really here for though: Polar Big Boy Jeans. Without a doubt the most popular baggy skate jeans money can buy, Polar Big Boys have been absolutely dominating the market since they were released thanks to their perfect levels of bagginess and iconic Big Boy logo. For this drop, we've got Polar Big Boys in a new Pitch Black colourway that's perfect for those darker winter fits or if you're just a goth. For more Polar Big Boy colourways, make sure to check out our full range of Polar Big Boy Jeans alongside our Polar jeans fit guide over on the shop!

Polar Big Boy Jeans (Pitch Black) - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

Polar 93 Denim Jeans

Alongside the Big Boy Jeans, Polar's latest drop also features a new colourway in their ever-popular '93 Denim Jeans. These iconic straight-leg jeans feature a slimmer fit than the Big Boy Jeans while still maintaining a good level of bagginess for a timeless look inspired by the early 90s. For this drop, the Polar '93 Denim Jeans also come in a sleek Pitch Black colourway that's perfect for any occasion.

Polar 93 Denim Jeans (Pitch Black) - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

Polar Skate Co Accessories

Last but not least, we've also got some bangin' new Polar caps and accessories to finish off the collection. Keeping it classic in the headwear department, we've got the Jake 5-panel cap with the stylish new Stretch logo embroidered on the front in Dark Wine or Dark Teal colourways. However, if you're looking for something that's both fashion and function we've also got the Polar 'Luke' Flap Cap in either Grey Green or Black which features fleece-lined ear flaps and a velcro chin strap to keep you warm in place of a scarf.

Polar Luke Flap Cap (Grey Green) - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store


Alongside the caps, the drop also comes packing the new Polar 'Mini Dealer' Cordura bag which is the perfect accessory for any street-savvy skater providing the perfect space for you to keep your phone, wallet, keys, baccy or any other essential items to keep those pockets free of clutter. As an added bonus, the new 'Mini Dealer' bag features patented Cordura fabric for added durability, making it highly resistant to scuffs and scrapes to keep it looking fresher for longer.

Polar Mini Dealer Cordura Bag (Black) - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the full range of Polar Skate Co decks and clothing and buy now from CSC. Or, find out more about the latest skate product on the CSC Blog. Safe.

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