Product Spotlight - National Skateboard Co Decks Fall '23

by Dan Bunn

Stoke up your National pride with the latest batch of decks from the National Skateboard Co, including a new Warsaw-themed Michal Juras deck and a run of Pink Floyd-inspired halftone graphics.

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Michal Juras Crooked Grind at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, photo by Kuba Bączkowski - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

One of the UK's finest local brands, The National Skateboard Co, are back with a new collection of skateboard decks for Fall featuring more than its fair share of wall-hangers. Despite some mandatory shipping issues with all the decks somehow ending up in Belfast, the new decks have finally landed in store and we couldn't be more hyped on them!

Complete with a hilarious new series based on workplace politics, a run of Pink Floyd-inspired decks with a unique halftone print and a new pro model for Polish ripper, Michal Juras, this is easily one of National's best drops yet. And remember: supporting National Skate Co helps keep everyone's favourite human, Don Irfan, stocked up with product so make sure to show the brand some love in the hopes that one day we'll get a Don Irfan pro model!

National Skate Co Office Politics Decks

Coming through with a bangin' series of graphics for their Fall collection, the new National Skate Co Office Politics decks channel that very familiar workplace frustration into a series of hilarious and visually striking designs with artwork supplied by Welcome Skate Store's, Sam Barratt. Each graphic features a series of illustrations demonstrating a different variety of workplace aggression in a cathartic display of violence against one's boss that's sure to satisfy any disgruntled office workers. 

The National Skateboard Co Office Politics 8" Deck - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

National Skate Co Halftone Decks

Yet another bangin' new series from National Skate Co's latest drop, their new Halftone decks feature a variety of Pink Floyd-inspired graphics using images from their live performances in a halftone printing style to give them that retro, Roy Lichtenstein-esque look. Each deck features an image from a different Pink Floyd performance, including their live shows at Knebworth Hall, Pompeii and their 'Jugband Blues' music video from their Syd Barratt era, making these Pink Floyd skateboard decks a must-have for any fans of the band. These would definitely a make a bangin' Christmas present for any Pink Floyd-loving Dads out there!

The National Skateboard Co Jugband Halftone 8.25" Deck - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

National Michal Juras Warszawa Postcard Decks

Last but not least, we've also got a new pro deck for Polish turbo lej, Michal Juras, which features a picturesque graphic based on the Polish capital and his hometown: Warsaw. The new National Skate Co 'Michal Juras Warszawa Postcard' deck comes in an 8.25" width with a medium concave with the graphic featuring a vintage painting of the iconic Warsaw high-rise, the Palace of Culture and Science, which also doubles up as the city's central skate spot, to help channel Michal's local pride.

The National Skateboard Co Michal Juras Warszawa Postcard 8.25" Deck - CSC, Cardiff Skateboard Club - UK Skate Store

That's enough chit-chat though. Head to the shop to browse the full range of National Skateboard Co decks and clothing and buy now from CSC. Or, find out more about the latest skate product on the CSC Blog. Safe.

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