Product Spotlight - New Balance Numeric X Welcome Skate Store 440

by Mike
New Balance Numeric links up with Leeds stalwarts, Welcome Skate Store to create an all new colourway on the popular 440 skate shoe.
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New Balance Numeric X Welcome 440 shoes
Fresh off their recent collab with Gino Innaucci's Poets 1010, New Balance Numeric come straight out the gate swinging again with the Welcome Skate Store 440 skate shoe collaboration. Featuring an upper made from a mix of leather, nubuck and tight knit synthetic mesh side walls. Built upon New Balance's reliable N Durance cup sole. There's a reason why Tom Knox is always in the 440 skate shoes. It seem that in-fact, Welcome Knows Best.
NB# X Welcome 440
Inspiration for the Welcome 440 colourway choice comes from Louis Le Prince, the first person to one of the ultimate lifestyle NBD hammer of recording moving images on Leeds Bridge in 1888. Obviously the moving image in arguably on of the most important aspects of skateboarding progression, apart from the act of skating itself. Just think about how many videos we see daily on Instagram, and before that DVDs and VHS's. 'Without the footage it's fiction' so the old saying goes.
New Balance Numeric X Welcome 440 shoes
The colour choices on the Welcome 440 shoes come from the Leeds Bridge itself where Louis Le Prince first recorded his images. The off white upper is taken from the York Stone, where as the blues come from metal on bridge. With the tricolour taping on the tongue being representative of Louis Le Prince's home country of France. The shoes also feature a removable insole with a printed picture of the Leeds Bridge.

Peep the video above showcasing the likes of Dale Starkie, Josh Blasutto, Will Sheerin in Leeds with special guests Mark Baines & Ben Powell. Filmed by big lej Josh Hallett.

New Balance Welcome 440 Shoes Dale Starkie
Photo: Reece Leung

Arriving today in Cardiff Skateboard Club, we've got the New Balance Numeric Welcome Skate Store X 440 skate shoes available for £80 (with free UK shipping!), in UK sizes 8 to 11.5 with all the half sizes. Don't get caught sleeping on these though, as you know this icy colourway isn't gonna hang around forever with this banging summer weather. Don't forget to check out the other New Balance Numeric 440 Skate Shoes colours we've got in stock too.

Anyway I guess that's enough from us. Head to the shop to browse the full range of New Balance Numeric skate shoes and buy now from CSC. Or, find out more about the latest skate product on the CSC Blog. Safe.

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