Polar Spring '21


Polar's latest collection ushers in Spring with some new takes on classic designs, alongside the return of some of the world's most lethal trou. You don't want to miss this.

The Polar Spring 2021 drop sees the return of some of the best trou the world has to offer, with the ever-popular '93 Denim and world-famous Big Boys making a comeback. The '93's are available in two timeless colourways - Light Blue and Washed Black - so there's a style to suit any occasion. While the Big Boys are only available in Light Blue, you can't really beat a pair of ultra-baggy light blue jeans - think Fred Gall skating Love Park in Eastern Exposure 2, it doesn't get better than that. 

Alongside their iconic denim, Polar's Spring collection brings back another firm favourite: the Surf Pants. Available in Black and Dark Olive, Polar's Surf Pants are some of our top-selling trousers and once you've tried them it's easy to see why. Sitting somewhere between work trousers and harem pants, the Surf Pants are super soft and lightweight, with an elasticated waistband for those days when you really just can't be bothered doing up a pair of trousers. We now also stock the Surf Pants in Tall sizes for all our lanky homies out there; we got you.

 It wouldn't be a Polar drop without a new selection of their iconic 'Stroke' and 'Fill' Logo Tees, and this collection does not disappoint. The '3 Tone Fill Logo' design - available as a T-Shirt or Hood - is a super sleek take on Polar's classic Fill Logo graphic that would be a great addition to any wardrobe. The pièce de résistance, however, has got to be the 'Notre Dame Fill Logo' Tee, with the artwork featuring a picture of the Notre Dame Cathedral as it burnt down in 2019. Pretty metal.

While there's lots of little signs that summer's on its way in, there's no clearer way to tell than if a skate brand's drop doesn't feature any beanies - and Polar's Spring collection has got some good news: beanies are on their way out, and it's officially cap season. Polar have traded in wintery head-warmers for summertime sun-protectors, with the introduction of the 'Lightweight' Cap signalling that summer is well and truly here. As the name would suggest, Polar's 'Lightweight' Cap features super light-weight construction to help keep your head cool throughout the warmer months, and a fully adjustable strap for ultimate comfort.

The collection also comes packed with countless new socks, with the iconic 'Happy Sad' Socks making a comeback alongside the timeless 'Stripe' Socks in a wide range of colourways. Your feet take a lot of abuse when you're out skating so it'd be nice to show them a bit of love every now and then.

Enough chit chat though, this drop has got more good stuff than you could shake a stick out so scroll down to check out the full collection available now at Cardiff Skateboard Club. Safe.

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