Pirate Man Pro Decks; Buy Now


Yeah, we turned Pirate Man pro. Yeah, the boards are available to buy now. Yeah, they're forty quid. Yeah, you should probably buy one.

Pirate Man, Poor-Mans-Russell-Brand, DJ Shitlock, Crippo, MC Froglegs...there's many names that Christian answers to. However, joke names aside, the man is almost somewhat of an unsung hero of Cardiff skateboarding. After being the AV mastermind behind timeless videos like Join Us and Now! That's What I Call Skateboarding, P-Man opened a place that maybe some of us kinda take for granted; Spit and Sawdust.

He's the guy who's been in the gutters pointing a toaster with a deathlens at people, bringing the hype to every session, flipping the most delicious burgers in Spit's kitchen. Safe to say, Cardiff would be a bit shitty without Christian. Big love mate!

Oh yeah, don't forget to watch Washer over Vague now for more P-Man hype.

Everyones favourite shredder Lloyd Houston came through with the hand painted graphic. Which we're sure you'll agree has a bit of everything that you could want on a board. Nat came up with the top graphic, Hi Tec Shoes indeed.

The decks come in sizes 8.125", 8.25", 8.375" and 8.5". All retail for £40 with free Mob griptape.


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