New Palace Decks

by Mike

The muckas over at Palace are back with yet another bangin' selection of decks; with new pro models for all the boys and an extra special team graphic, this is one you don't wanna miss.

This run of pro decks features a selection of brightly-coloured patterns that look like a cross between the Sistine chapel's ceiling and a Wetherspoons carpet, but without 30 years worth of beer and dried vomit.

Still keeping with the bright colours, the 'Nein FX' team deck features an ode to the logo of legendary punk-rock band, NOFX, on a bold background - available in orangeblue, or white if you'd rather keep it sleek. Kinda an unusual crossover from Palace, seeing as they're usually at the more gangster end of the skate-spectrum rather than the punk end, but we back it either way.
A Palace drop wouldn't be complete without a Tri-Ferg deck, and this time you get three for the price of one. The 'Chrome Tri-Ferg' features a trio of Tri-Fergs in metallic bronze, silver, and gold on a black background. Simple but effective, you can't go wrong.
Finally, the crowning jewel in the collection has got to be the 'It's a kinda magic' deck which features an ode to Queen's legendary Bohemian Rhapsody, re-imagined by the Palace boys. Replacing Freddie and the fellas, the deck stars Lucien, Heitor, Charlie, and Rory looking moody as they recreate Queen's infamous pose. We just wish there was a 'South East 17' style music video to go along with it

That's enough chit chat though, scroll down to view the collection, or click here to check out all things Palace available at CSC. Safe.

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