Return of the Links - Feat. Leo

by Mike

New for 2020: Leo's Links

New stuff: All Conditions Gang 1/4 zip jackets to maintain your body heat, dryness and freshness. Available in Black or Navy.

So Bronze 56K starts the year off right and drops the best video of the decade: ***2020*** .

However, this doesn't stop Fancy Lad Skateboards having a say on the matter. Fancy Lad called out Bronze in true keyboard warrior fashion because they kind of ripped off Jack Kradolfer’s work in the Geico animation. Shocking, I know! Who would have guessed that Bronze's content wasn't 100% original?

The Louie Lopez Quartersnacks Remix For $5 reminds us that Louie is a beast. Studies show that many have watched the edit with low volume due to the poor song choice, but hey, maybe those neeks just don’t get it (R.I.P. Speaker Knockerz).

Controversial clothing is making a comeback. In Ishod Wair and Kyle Walker's "BE FREE" video, Ishod brings back jorts whilst doing some insane manoeuvres. Kyle on the other hand decided to wear stinking all over graphic tees whilst also doing crazy tricks. Sometimes controversy works in your favour, and sometimes it doesn't.

Josh Pall's "Kitsch" part for Pass~Port is up on Thrasher now. Fast skating, dope heelflips, smooth style, and more jorts! What more could you want? 

Ian Michna's Nine Club is out now! The genius behind Jenkem Magazine talks about his travels, starting Jenkem and Kanye West's run in with skateboarding.

Yardsale welcomes Bear Myles to their team and releases some clips of him at Dean Lane.

The Bombklats return with This Is Not The New Bombaklats Video. Full Tim Zom part (say what!), with a tie-in interview over at Free.

Daniel Wheatley puts out Lock the car, Brady which features some bangin' clips of Heitor Da Silva and the rest of the Palace crew in L.A.

Sean Dahlberg's latest edit 3three3 includes some tricks that you might not see everyday.

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