Don't Like Mondays

by Mike

Ben Raemers RIP

By now I'm sure you've all heard of the tragic passing of one of the true greats of our times. Heartbreakingly Ben took his own life last week, and tributes have been flooding in from just about everyone and rightly so. Big ups Rob Mathieson's mural at Victoria park. Jack Brooks' GoFundMe to get a bench dedicated to Ben surpassed it's goal within two hours, with all the rest of the money going to Ben's family and charity. If you've got anything you can donate please follow the link and send it,

Suicide and mental health is obviously a complete shitter, don't forgot you're always welcome in the shop to hangout, and get whatever it is off your chest. 

New arrivals: Polar Summer 19 decks, Severn Caps 19 Drop 2.

Shane O finally launches April. No, not April O'Neil, or the other April O'Neil. Could very well turn into a Aussie Primitive. Some utter tech wizardry here.

Chima & Robbie Brockel come through a with a joint part for Real. Is is just us or is Chima on a warpath recently? Feels like every two months he's got another part dropping. No complaints here though.

Skating while there's snow on the ground is a big no no for me, but not for the Lakai crew. No Rest in the North West reminds us that Crailtap still do some of the best tour vids.

Ganj Wax CEO Jed Coldwell's excellent part from Sean Lomax's new video Cottonopolis is online. Mad tekka's.

Tom Knox and Jordan Trahan give London a wounding for NB#.

James Capps gets a pretty sweet promotion in the Chocolate ranks.

Speaking of Crailtap, Yonnie just dropped a minute long hectic line for Lakai.

Remember we posted about that Daewon doco? TWS popped it on youtube the other day. Unwind in the evening over you tea with it.

Jesse Veira isn't going to big house, at least for the time being according to this.

8 Minutes of Parisian manuevers with a sprinkling of Barca and Magnus with the most explosive tre up a curb since Gilbert in Mother? Oh, Hell Yeah

Jenkem got a load of OGs (actual, proper 70s and 80s OGs) to weigh in on #current skaters. Big up Puleo for still being the most opinionated in the room.

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