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LYONBADBOIZ from thisiswhitemike on Vimeo.

Can't think of anything interesting that's happened this week. Maybe I need to go to bed earlier and I'll actually start remembering stuff. In the meantime, here's an iPhone edit from the LBB trip to Lyon last year which has been sat on a private Vimeo account for way too long. If you got one of the zines count yourself lucky. If you never, ask Reid for the .pdf or do what you want. We're not here to judge your choices.

The almost mythological Matthew Dykie Ryan has already run the length of the UK, the circumference of Wales, the Grand Canyon, and done a 100 mile ultra marathon. This year sees him entering the London Marathon for the first time. He's aiming to do it in sub 3 hours. If there's anyone who can, it's him. Providing he don't get lost or forgets his shoes. He's running for Mind mental health charity. Donate to his cause here.

James Davis waxes lyrical on 'The Trouble We Cause' think piece over at Free.

Cliché's making a return, albeit as a budget / complete brand if Slap message boards are to be believed. This makes us pretty sad. Cliché was one of the dopest, and arguably the reason why Euro skating is so on the map right now.

It's no secret that we're the biggest Kalis fanboys, Manolo's mix of our favourite non-upriver skater with Welsh heritage has been on repeat since it dropped.

Shout out to the ladies yo, Jenkem and Memory Screen joined forces to showcase the créme de la créme of girl skaters for Woman's Day.

Grey and Vans trip to Morocco seemed to be full of : )

Sirus sat down with Kenny 'The Perfect Man' Anderson for Free and grilled him about veganism, healing and positivity. It also features our most favourite wallride photo of 2019 so far.

Flo, Tom K and skinheaded Marius took a drop down under to see what Jake Hayes is up to.

Two minutes of Ben Blundell for your Alltimers fix this week.

'Last promise you made to yourself: Start smoking' - Heath will never not be the best. Quartersnacks ode to TWS's Last Words section is worth your time.

Speaking of TWS, their photo feature from 917's ATL trip is diesel.

Numbers dropped the trifecta of Durao, Magnus and Frosty in Tony Mag. Dat biggie wallride tho.

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