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Pretty polar opposite this weekend compare to last week right? But then with the weather being shite again is that a return to normality? #deepbro

Don't do what Billy don't does

Grim's Ramp Jam + Tuff Pintz at Spit was class. If you missed out then you totally blew it. More events need a pint and pie eating contest. Big ups Collins Boss for the being the undefeated champion.

New arrivals: more Dickies, you wanted the 874's so that's what we got, Huf Spring 19 footwear, decks from Sour and the best DVD of the year, Fast and Dial Tone wheels.....but we haven't got round to getting them online just yet. Soz

Vans (Canada) pull out 12 minutes of the good stuff in Courtesy. Features lots of your favourite Alltimers Dustin and Etienne and general nice, happy Canadian times.

'We can't skate here, but they can do heroin' Guess you've gotta be pretty hard to skate South Africa. Chakalakka is will worth getting the kettle on for.

In direct correlation with Youngblud's Insta; Spunkside's been popping off recently

Brad Cromer dropped 2 minutes of East Coast bangers for his new Huf dap. Krooked's The Eyes edit will keep you Cromer stoke burning. Really digging new Manderson's new moustache too, looks tough bro.

Nick Bastard's produced another v. visually appealing vid for A Brief Glance and the Italian NB#.

Korahn got Bunted, dudes the absolute best. 

Speaking of guys who are the best, CJ got his own Thunder colourway. Will have it in the shop soon!

TWS is stopping their print. RIP

DGK's time machine is running pure diesel. Thoro is basically everything you loved about early 2000's East Coast skating in high def.

1 Minute of Heitor Da Silva gold for Parade. If you dunno what Parade is, it's kinda like Amazon for skate shops, we're on there. Go buy our shit.

Johan Stuckey X Nick Cave giving us the chills.

Jenkem bringing the strong 2k19 Cky vibes back in the #videonameoftheyear Horny Mom Busts A Phat Tre Flip.

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