Christmas Cards

by Mike

Christmas seems to come round quicker every year, luckily we've got you sorted for the entire festive season.


Judging from all the Insta stories and posts from Saturday, the Prom Queens Christmas party at Spit looked like a proper laugh. This weekend sees us take up a Christmas market stall with our good mates at Hard Lines Coffee, more info can be found here. This Saturday is also our every own artist extraordinaire's Phil Morgans birthday; beers and skating at Spit for that one.

Like we mentioned in last weeks links, Seven's first video is dropping at Ashmore on the 21st. Really looking forward to that one.

Don't forget either that the annual CSC Christmas Party is just round the corner too! Some details on the poster here, with more info coming soon. Oh, and the Christmas Jam at Spit this year is on the 28th, poster and info to drop soonish.

New arrivals: Girl X Beastie Boys decks! Sure Shot graphic comes in 8.125" and 8.25", Sabotage comes in 8" and 8.25"

Wa-Alaikum-Salaam by Nick Vieweg from when Reid went out to Palestine to help with SkatePal is exceptionally good. That Ramallah spot looks incred.

Creative genius's Mike O'Shea and Phil Evans join forces again to bring you Dorkzone.

Yardsale's newest edit Diary of A is definitely one for people who like being shouted at by music.

Converse and Grey mag give Seuol a good seeing to. Fresh Paul Grund, Bobby De Keyser, Remy, Felipe Bartolome and Jamie Platt footage is always welcome. Seoul looks pretty wicked, anyone wanna buy us a ticket? Safe.

Ever wanted to own a skate shop? Endemic in Huddersfield is up for sale. 

Krooked X Humidity will give you your Bobby and BA fix.

Aaron Meza's probably your favourite behind the scenes guy who you don't know. His Bobshirt interview is some required watching for sure.

Colin Provost's Psock part will have you wondering, just when is the new Toy Machine video dropping?

Supreme's Blessed article from last months Thrasher is online now.

Slap .gif we've been enjoying most this week

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