New Spot, Who Dis?

by Mike

Central Station yeah?

You know that as much as we all love Bute, it's a bit of a write off this time of year. Luckily, for the first time in what feels like (and probably is) years, we've actually got a new spot at Central Station. Perfect floor, beautifully lit-up, and bust free. Please don't be a dick and fuck it up for the rest of us. Remember that it's not hard to use the bins, and there's two of them there.
You've already seen Washer II, but now the photogallery's online up on Vague now. Go see some pretty photos of some hunky lads.

New arrivals: Rick McCrank and Andrew Brophy decks from Girl, the all new Newport shoe from Lakai.

If you liked Jim Craven / Grey's Land, and Island edits, then you're definitely gonna love Hringur. Felipe Bartolome, Phil Zwijsen, Ollie Lock and Zach Riley take to some very scenic obscure non-spots in Iceland. 

This half an hour Grant Taylor doco/lots of new footage is the best thing Volcom have ever done. Who would have thought that he pushed mongo as a kid?

Zach Allen and T-Funk just dropped a 10 minute part. With the new Baker vid just around the corner, you gotta ask, just how much footage are these kids sat on? Oh yeah, big ups for reminding me how good The Cramps are.

Always been a Michal Juras fan, and only just realised how much of a Dire Straits fan I am.

Zion's new part is obv's v. good. Seems like he's single handedly brought back skate photography to be relevant again.

Get your Austyn fix in the new Huf 002 clip. Justin Drysen and Salomon Cardenas also give it a good wounding. Dat sassy flip doe.

Euro Nike SB fellas drop the ketty-est edit for Solo. Lots of dream ledge spots in this one.

Slap .gif we've been enjoying most this week

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