Trampstamps and Back Hair

by Mike

Winter's here, time to skate Wavy again then issit?

The Halloween jam at Spit went off this year. Rad to see such a good turn out and some truly terrifying outfits. The new TWS video, Duets is pretty good. Well, I enjoyed it at least. Gonna have it playing all week in the shop if you missed the premiere on Friday.

New arrivals: all new CSC Mod crews and hoods, RipNDip beanies and totes, Polar Fall 18 decks.

One of Newports finest, Bumo got an interview and new part up on Hang Up. Kid's only 18. Cardiff kids, you best start pulling your socks up if ya know what I mean.

Pedro Mayn's just uploaded Mans' classic Bridgend video Skatespotting in its entirety. Some timeless clips in there, Dog when he was fetus and DYKIE footage.

Life Admin, Joe Gavin's newest vid for the mighty Note shop is proper class and certain to bring the hype.

Glory Push from the Converse vid mastermind Ben Chadourne is a couple of minutes of all your favourite hench Ethan lookalikes Hjalte and Nik Stain, with Bobby (not that Bobby, or the other Bobby, but the other other Bobby) and Paul Grund.

Wanna get paid 26k a year to work from home? Skateboard England are hiring a Digital Engagement Officer.

Evan Smiths SOTY campaign.

You've probably heard some sketchy stuff about Neal Hendrix recently. 

Dave Caddo provides your NYC fix.

Chico's left Chocolate, but still working on a new part. Fingers crossed that he'll get on the Palace legends team.

New Carhartt edit feels like an '90s club video. And that's not a bad thing. With such a stacked team, one can only imagine what a full length vid from them would be like.

Tiago turned pro for Primitive. Danger Rob seen it with his eyes.

Corey Duffel dropped his third part this year. That's pretty mental right?

Pink camo pants enthusiast Stephen Lawyer has decided to ditch the pink camo pants. Instantly makes his new Famo part more enjoyable.

Is it time to stop watching skate videos?

Slap .gif we've been enjoying most this week

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