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by Mike


Looks like we made a mistake last week, the most Wavy of all the crews in Cardiff's video premiere is happening THIS Friday at Spit. So be sure to head down there after the Girl vid shows in the shop at 5pm.

Wednesday Club at Spit takes a Halloween vibe for the 31st. Fancy dress and all that other stuff.

Sidewalk is sadly no more, but thankfully Ben Powell's been uploading sections from their seminal video In Motion from 2003.

One of our most favourite Manc as fuck legends, Ben Grove gets the enders in ITV's Back to Mine. You know it's gonna be worth a watch.

Get hyped for a new GX1000 video.

Jazzy tricks, coloured grip and big boy trou in Giddy #08.

adidas crew out in Paris. Features some wonderful wardrobe choices, and Lucas being the best footie player France never had.

Istanbul sure has got some spots. Looks like a more rugged version of Barca. Magenta's trip there for Free is up, has some nice photos, and a good write up from Vivian and even a recipe for some Turkish food.

Jenkem dedicated a full week to Emerica's This Is Skateboarding. With articles on the infamous Emerica Mansion, filmer Jon Miner, bonus footage, The Boss, and unseen photos.

If you didn't already know, Supreme have a new vid coming out. Looks extremely #Blessed.

You seen Macello Campanellos' boss part in Canal's Mode video last week. Now it's time you get a cuppa on and watch the full length video.

Most pleasing Slap .gif of the week

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