by Mike

It seems like it's all kicking off this week. The sun is shining, and it's actually fucking hot. Will probably only last a week, but fingers crossed it stays like this for the weekend.

Go Skate Day is officially this Wednesday, Spit & Sawdust will be doing free skate sessions for people all day, so give Christian some knucks. On the Saturday is the LSP jam, which I imagine will get a bit messy. Make sure you bring a bag of cans and not a bag of can't's.

On the Sunday we'll be hosting our Go Skate Day event. Meet at the shop for 1pm, and we'll go skating and have many a laugh, with prizes, challenges and other shit. Then in the evening we'll be showing the all new Lakai video, The Flare in Blue Honey Night Cafe. Definitely not stuff you wanna be missing out on.

Dom Henry's part in Politic's Division video is now online. The dude kills it. Seriously one of the best in the UK right now. And he skates to Rodney P. Straight up G shit. Now go buy a Politic deck.

Remember when we found out that Chris Jones was having a part in Colin Read's Spirit Quest video and we all crapped our pants in excitement? Well the ledge's at Free decided to upload it. It's everything I've ever wanted a so much more. Love you Ceej.

In anticipation for The Flare premiere this Sunday, here's the full version of Lakai's Return of the Flare remix edits.

Keeping the Lakai vibe going, Mike Carroll is this weeks guest on The Nine Club. Still holding out for that new full part. Don't let us down Mike.

Is the new Yeezy runner just an éS Scheme? High Snobiety think so.

Farran Golding of Speedway mag caught up with Mackey waxing lyrical about being one of the first Euro Lakai riders and then first Euro Nike SB rider, current state of skate shops, the importance of skate shops and a bunch other stuff. Gives City Surf a shout out too, which is rad.

Austin Bristow re-cut some raw footage of Harry Lintell and Manny Lopez. These guys are next level good.

12 Minute remix of Kalis and Stevie by Tennyson Corp? Fucking yes. Some things you just can't front on.

Jenkem hung out with Erik Ellington.

Anti Hero dropped a trailer for their upcoming The Body Corporate video. We'll have the DVDs in stock next month, I think? Don't quote me on that.

Malte Spitz representing State's Euro team. You can buy State Footwear from us remember.

Tristan Funkhouser going in for his VXtinct section. Glad to see that he's growing into his style.

The WKND guys went to Hawaii, killed it, and wore a lot of Nike shoes. Also, the musical supervision for this edit is probably the best this week. 10/10 for the sounds.

New into the store this week is a re-up on Thrasher Flame logo clothing, some new Butter Goods stuff, and a whole new drop from Lovenskate. We've also just released what's becoming known as, the greatest sticker pack of all time.

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