Bute Yeah?

by Mike

Photo: Youngblud

Don't even act like you dunknow about the Blue Honey Cookout this Sunday, or the Plaza Comp on the 19th. Don't be playing those games with us, just come down and have some fun. Just remember last year, it was class right?

New arrivals: decks from Chocolate and Zero, new Thrasher with that dope Kalis cover and a re-up of the Lords decks. Now available in 8.25" / 8.375" / 8.5" / 8.7" Pool / 9".

This is almost poetic.

Cava Brain #3 is probably the best one yet. Had it on repeat since it came out, and has lots of footage of our favourite Newport-come-Cardiffian Jake Collins filmed by our favourite Cardiffian filmer Big Hazza D.

Gronze Island 2 dropped. Kinda like a a more Euro, less arty Atlantic Drift. But with more broken English and more Frenchmen like Max and Flo.

Someone slid this British-Lads-Go-Stalin-Square edit into our DMs. You know we're sucka's for plaza edits filmed on a VX. Especially if it's one of Europe's best plazas that you've forgotten existed. 

Tony Hawk is also getting in on the 'skate' movie hype. Hope it's as good as Gleaming The Cube.

Hart Pullman has come out of no where and pulled on mans heart.

More and more girls are skating, and now we have the proof. Women specific decks and stuff though? Dunno how that's gonna work.

Yankee Sox aka John Gardener cruises around NYC for OJ.

Volcom's Road Rager edit is def gonna get a few repeat viewings. Obv's you know Lintell's still producing the best goods with those pigtails too.

Yallah has a got a bit of everything in it. London, Glasgow....and Morroco? Yeah, go on then.

The MK Buszy is in danger of getting fucked right over with the new development plans. Do your bit and sign the petition to oppose the powers that be. Hey, if we can save Southbank we can save anything right?

Austyn off WKND? Apparently going to a new third FA brand...who knows though?

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