Day To Go with 10 Sacks of Cement

by Mike

Washer 2 is well as other good shit.

Photo: @reids_world

By all accounts, the Prom Queen jam on Saturday went off, and judging from Insta, Grim's Ramp Jam also went off yesterday. Big up Sketchy Huw!

We've got the CSC x Blue Honey Cookout and the 9th Annual Plaza Comp coming up, but you obv's already knew about that didn't you. Parents, don't forget to get your kids booked in with Skate Rats at Spit this summer!

You can now walk around our store without leaving your house. The future is fucking wicked.

New Arrivals
: Lovenskate Summer 18, includes Alex Hallford's first pro model and a Bowl Troll 8.8" pink beast sporting artwork from French

You've already seen the Yardsale video by now, Free Mag sat down with head honcho Dan Kreteim for a pretty candid interview. The Blondey callout got us giggling, and this got us like whoa

'I just find myself floating across the street over to 7-Eleven to grab a pack a smokes and I’m out' - Josh Kalis talks about all things DC and paying off cops at Love with shoes. Yeah, he's still the illest. Kalis 2.0 John Shanahan is also one of the neo-illest.

Be like Donnalouise.

Did a @10QuestionsWith, give it a read if you want.

Kirchart dropped your new favourite Jenkem Mix.

New Balance's Gathering of the Govs features lots and lots of UK's finest Dom Henry. Come for the Dom Henry stuff, stay for Alexis, Franky, Tyler and Westgate.

If you didn't already know, Phil's been out at Huntington Beach painting the park for this years Vans Park Series. Keep up to date via his Insta.

Dunno how Spencer Hamilton doesn't have a board sponsor. Mans got a pro shoe out, but no deck under his feet. Madness. Hey Spencer, you wanna ride for CSC?

Looks like Jonah Hill's Mid-90s film is gonna be a West Coast version of Kids. Interested to see how it turns out.

Minding the Gap doco looks pretty interesting, and will probably win more awards than it's already got.

LurkNYC crew comes through with a new Mean Streets.

Two of the best; Joe Gavin and Kyle Wilson racked up some clips in a day in Madrid. I thought they'd banned street skating there, but I guess it's still chill?

Cool little doco on Helena Long with skating and drumming.

If Slap rumours are to be believed, this is gonna be the third FA brand.

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