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Not gonna lie, was a bit of slow news week last week. Apart from the Cons vid that we've still got on repeat. But hey, this week's got loads of stuff.

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Bute Square is still the centre of the universe. 

New arrivals:  Butter Goods Spring range, Etnies Album DVD, Palace Spring hardware, June issue of Thrasher with Louie on the cover.

Harry Deane dropping the hints of something coming out very soon....ish. Keep May 26th free!

'Another banging Yaje part, ruined with complete shit music' - Dan Bunn

Love Sick is definitely a brand for the more sensitive skater. We're backing it tho

DC bringing back the Supertour. Text us when you decide to come to Europe fellas.

If you missed the Two Bit premiere at Spit the other day, Vague have got your back with the full length and photo gallery

Fast Wheels crew hit up Tenerife.

Jenkem investigates Indy's cult following.

Smoking is definitely cool.

Birdhouse's Euro tour kicks off this week. There's a demo at Lloyds and Dean Lane on Wednesday, might get the train over if anyone's keen. Speaking of Birdhouse, Birdman's still got it.


Beebs is back baybee!

Griffin Gass appears to by quite the footage machine

Ikea flatpack skateboard?

Daniel Policelli comes through the goods for 7 minute mixtape with skateboardings most perfect man.

Carhartt boys in Marseille.

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