Lost Art X Spit & Sawdust

by Mike

This is what happens then the very best of the South meets the the very best of the North.
Fookin' 'ell laaaaaa

It's no secret that we're all fucking huge fans of Mackey and the Lost Art crew (and Liverpool in general, come at me scouse girls), so when P-Man told us they we're gonna be the third in the You Are Cordially Invited series, we donned our trackies and started shouting 'calm down, calm down'.

With two filled cars coming from Liverpool, one from London, Ped and Tommy coming from PT, Syd, Tidy, Habgood and rest of the 5050 lot, Ric & Conor from Swansea, Grim in Newport, Leo and Kirsty coming all the way from Cornwall and the all the other CDF heads, you knew this was gonna be a big sesh. And a fuck ton of cans.

Big love to everyone who came down and a big, big thank you to Christian and Nia for being ever excellent hosts. Don't forget to peep the interview with P-Man and Guy Jones.

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