Top 5 with Jimmy Silver

This week brings us a Top 5 from professional tall person, chief Huf packer, slicked back hair and OG #dreamhandsome team member Jimmy Silver.

Photo: Tom Mangham

I first saw Jim skating around Cardiff about 5 or 6 years ago. I remember seeing his and Nile's joint part in Realise and thinking, 'fuck, this kid's good'. I just re-watched that part and it's still fucking ill. Switch front biggie Sports Cafe 8 is still impressive as it was back in a time when it was socially acceptable to skate with one headphone in.

Jim's always had a proper sick style and has always had the worlds longest legs. The boy's got a mean back 360 and beautiful face, there is nothing not to like about James.

Photo: James Griffiths

'As much as I wanted to make this whole thing comprise of longboard parts, scooter unboxing vids and fidget spinner tutorials - I decided I should probably do this thing properly. Here are some skateboarding things I like, although it might not be my top 5 ever because I'm far too indecisive.' - J. Silv

Wade Desarmo - It's Official

Not even joking with this one. This part gets me so hyped! Mainly because it looks like he's paralysed from the waist up, and that he's wearing a tent in every clip. More of this from 2017, please. 

Dylan Rieder - Gravis

Instantly a timeless classic. I used to watch this every day before I went skating and I think I could do that forever and not get bored of it. 

A lesson on how to make skating look good whilst doing stupidly difficult manoeuvres. 


Josh Underwood - Hologram

The part that made me actually want to skate street in Cardiff. There are loads of spots out there, you're just not looking/trying hard enough! (Including myself). This is so sick! Happy birthday for the other day, Josh! 

AVE - Mindfield 

This is the part that I'd put on if someone asked me 'what is skateboarding?'. AVE has it all. The best trick selection, going fast as fuck and all executed with so much power. Watch and scream at your screen! 

Chris Jones - Spirit Quest 

This only came out recently, but damn it's good! Chris always skates a spot in the perfect way, and Colin Read has captured that so well in this. He's the best at skating, humble, and Welsh - what more do you need?

Bonus: Zander Mitchell - Zander Remix

A cheeky bonus one you may have missed. This guy knows what he's doing on a board. 
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