It's Time - CSC x Vague Christmas Party

by Dan Bunn

The time is finally upon us. The long-awaited CSC x Vague Christmas Extravanganza is tonight and we can't wait to get hammered with you.

Vague Skate Mag x CSC Christmas Party Poster

The event kicks off at 9PM sharp so get down nice and early to maximise fun-time and you might be able to make the most of the free drinks before Sam Pulley and Jake Collins drink 'em all. Find us at Kong's Level 2 on Guildhall Place, it's just off St Mary Street down the street by Sainsbury's and KFC, on the same street as Curado Bar. It doesn't really seem to come up on Google so if you're really struggling then just head to Curado Bar or Sainsbury's and you'll be able to find it from there. It's £5 on the door so make sure you bring cash money because we won't have a card reader, and unfortunately for our younger rippers, it's an over 18's only event so if you're underage you'll have to come back in a couple years. We'll also be running our CSC Skater of the Year poll which you can vote on when you enter and will be announced at some point during the night.

This is your last reminder to bring a valid COVID passport or a negative lateral flow test that's been registered online within 48 hours of the event. All you need is the email or text proving you've registered it and you'll be free to party the night away. Don't bring the test as proof, it doesn't work like that, it's gotta be registered online or you ain't gettin' in. Simple as. If you haven't done it yet then do it now, it only takes 5 minutes and it's better than trying to argue with the bouncer all night because that won't get you anywhere.

Obviously, being an event organised by skateboarders, the set times are only gonna be a rough estimate as we'll almost definitely end up running late, but if you're trying to plan ahead you can check out the approximate set times below.

  • 9PM - Al Power DJ Set
  • 9:45PM / 10PM - CHPO Make Life Skate Life Video Premiere
  • 10PM / 10:15PM - Tuff Pints
  • 10:45PM / 11PM - CSC x Fountain video Premiere
  • 11:30PM - 1AM - Don Leisure DJ Set
  • 1AM - 2AM - Ed Carter DJ Set

That's enough chit-chat though. Make sure you remember your COVID passport or negative lateral flow, and we'll see you later. Safe.

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