Huf - Classic H Tour (Footage & Photo Gallery)

by Mike

The Huf UK boys take a giant H on tour through London, Leeds, Manchester and Cardiff (greatest city ever), featuring our boy Ethan! 

Jimmy Silver and his band of merry Huf men including Ethan, Cass Doig, Will Creswick, Tom Delion, and Mike Clarkson wound it with some locals around the UK. Take note of the Cardiff footage - Ethan, Jimmy, Leo, Jack Steele and Spawn really pulled it out of the bag and killed it. Keep scrolling for Reece Leung's excellent photos.

Will Creswick - BS Smith

Leo Comanesscu - Heelflip from flat (shock face emoji)

Cass Doig - 180 Switch fives, or 180 fakie nosegrind depending on who you ask

Jimmy Silver, the man who made it all happen. Tre flip the bump to can just like Kalis

Boosted frontside flip from CSC's newest addition to the shop dragons team. Welcome aboard Jack Steele!

Youngblud back 3

Leo handling TWO cans!
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