Hockey Q3 Now In Store

by Mike

Fresh off the back of their sister company's mind-melting new video, 'Dancing on Thin Ice', Hockey keeps the stoke burning with an extensive new drop, including tees, hoodies and a wide range of decks. Move fast, this one won't be about for long.

The drop features a new iteration of Hockey's iconic 'Eyes Without A Face' slogan in the form of the 'No Face' series, this time with a nod to the classic 1960s French Horror film of the same name. The 'No Face' series comes in a variety of colours from a cool blue to a punchy yellow - as well as black for all you goths out there - and is available in T-Shirts, Hoodies, and Decks.

Here at CSC we love an arty graphic and this drop more than delivers, Hockey have managed to one-up themselves yet again, giving everyone a gentle reminder that, when it comes to stylistic innovation, Hockey can't be beaten. Much of the drop's artwork draws upon the mundanity of suburban life - something I'm sure many of you can relate to - and features a nostalgic art style, reminiscent of a 1980s Death album cover.

Hockey's latest collection is oozing with references to classic cinema; featuring a Freddy Krueger cameo on Ben Kadow's 'Tunaboy' deck, and - our personal favourite - a Terminator 2 allusion in the 'Liquid Metal' series. All of which are available in the form of T-Shirts - and some hoodies - as well as decks so you can co-ordinate your outfit with your set-up. Nostalgia has never been sicker. 


On top of all this, Hockey has graciously blessed us with a selection of hats to keep your head warm during these colder months. The especially loud piece below is sure to turn a few heads; bonus points to whoever's got the plums to pull this off - you know you want to.

Click here to view, shop and buy everything Hockey here at Cardiff Skateboard Club.

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