Entry One - Malaysia and Thailand

by Mike

After dropping one of the best zines of 2017, the Entry One lads keep the hype going with an accompanying edit that is definitely worth popping the kettle on for.

Remember we were raving about that rad Entry One zine a few weeks back? The one where Cardiff heroes Jimmy Silver and Conor Charleson embarked on a skate trip to the gap yah capitals of the world Malaysia and Thailand. Alongside for the ride were Will Creswick, Joe Roberts, and Casey Brown.

I can't really stress how well put together the zine is. Packed with great photos from Will and Casey, words by Conor, illustrations by Joe. And then Jim taking care of the filming along with Reggie Chong. 

Press play, watch some skating at spots you wish you were at and then treat yourself to the zine below. Go on, it is a Friday after all.


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