CSC X Blue Honey Cookout Footage

by Mike
We know you've all been waiting to see this one! The second CSC x Blue Honey Summertime Cookout edit is here, watch it now.

Our Blue Honey collab parties are definitely becoming the hot social calendar events. Good times, lots of beers, great music and some skating thrown in. Managed to luck out with the weather this, which was looking super shitty all day...kinda like the plaza comp. Somehow the dragons seem to be blessed with it not utterly crapping it down with rain when we do stuff.

Watch the edit and re-live some of the Quay Street chaos with some hectic moves from Kev Barry, Jake Tucker, Llyr Roberts, Lewys Watkins, Dan Bunn, Jess Young, Dai Sharp, Nick Jones, Sean Barnes and Alan Reid.

Big shout outs to Sock and CVC for killing it on the music front! And obv's some big love to Andy, Nathan, Scott, James and Harry from Blue Honey for putting in the graft making it all possible despite running on zero sleep. Fair play boys, you guys smashed it. If you need somewhere to wet your whistle, or settle your rumbling stomach, Blue Honey's the place you wanna be.

Same time next year yeah?
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