CSC Lords Decks

Lords of Butetown decks available to buy now in 8", 8.25", 8.5" and an 8.7" pool shape. £40 with free grip! Could this be the worlds greatest skateboard?

You've wanted them, we wanted them, and they're here now. So you best probably get one before they sell out.

The decks are printed on the same wood as National, Yes Fam, Sour, and Skate Cafe. So you know the quality's there. And you actually know the concave before buying these too.  All available now in a choice of sizes ranging from 8" to an 8.7" pool shaped deck.

All the decks retail for £40. Thats forty quid. Forty quid for a high grade deck, with a top graphic and free grip. Why have you not already brought one?

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Can this deck be ordered please?


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