Cardiff Plaza Comp 2020 - The Results

by Mike

The results from CSC's Film Yourself at the Plaza Comp 2020, scroll down for the winners

The ten year anniversary of the infamous Cardiff Plaza Comp. We had to play things a bit different this year, we both know why let's not kid ourselves here. Which is a bit of shame cos we know how much fun it can be each and every  summer, after  summer, after  summer.

But enough of that boring stuff. Here's the results of our first ever (and hopefully last maybe?) Film Yourself at the Plaza comp for 2020. If you're the winner in your category - hit us up on Insta or in the shop to collect your loot!

Under 16's

Billy Hatton - ultra cruising for this guy. Not much in the way of stunts, but I wish I could have that much fun at the plaza.

Elliot Whittaker - Absolutely loved the the ollie up the bank to revert on top. Ace creativity.

Daniel Aynge - Nice to see the clipper ledge and the flat bar getting some love in this one.

Will Barrett-Goode - No nonsense tripple banger from Will, but it doesn't really show off the rest of the plaza.

Jojo Richards - Wow, I wish I had that level of steez at Jojo's age. Super clean full cab over the hip and that absolutely diesel back d on the quarter. Really took the Tom Knox-esque route with this line.

Under 16's Winner Ru Richards - Lots of flip tricks in this one which helped Ru take home the gold. Just gotta start pushing with that other foot or else everyone's gonna think you're skating switch!


Winner Anna Beswick - Can't believe that we only had the one entry for the girls. Although if was had anymore they'd be some tough competition to beat Anna's textbook Texas plants. 

Over 16's

Louis Curtis - Stone cold steeze machine. Totally iced out with that 'whatev's' attitude, but with added speed.

Calum Orr - Fast, powerful, no fucking about. Solid three line from Calum here. Flip 50 down the hubba was a shocker for sure. Just listen to that wind too!

Over 16's Winner Rob Herrington - The Hercules of Cardiff Plaza, combing the tekkas with style and slipping in that switch tre that you didn't even know was switch to take home the gold in the over 16's.


Sean Barnes - Pretty impressive that Sean managed to pull this one out of the bag after spending a week on the road with a mix of hungoverness and a savage case of vanxiety.

Gabe Gorman - This little guys steez and trick bag just keeps getting better. Can't wait to see what the future holds for this one.

Jess Young - Is that slappy to lip shuffle an NBD? We think so.

Sponsored Winner Lewys Watkins - What an absolute tank. Going full turbo, forgetting the line halfway though and then just ad-libbing the rest. Respect!


Guto Williams - Cardiff's nicest man was 20 minutes late for work cos he was filming this line. That slappy salad grind to hit the stone but not eat shit and surf it out had us all shook. How he managed to not die on that one was insane. 

Ian Fernando - Really liked the aesthetically pleasing back 180 followed up by the half cab, however you should have worked for that flip at the end!

Jim'O - WTF was up with the filming on this one? Trying to sabotage Jim for your own entry were you Christian? Shame cos you know he did the biggest no comply over the hip, and that fives fakie on the bank was banging. Although it wasn't just the filming that reduced the score on this one, also lost some points for the horrible sound of Christian's daps slapping on the ground. Hope you're proud of yourself Christian.

Pirate Man - Pirate Man seen here doing a line he did about 10 years ago but replacing the sick switch tre off the size with less exciting swiz 50. Okay, I've just rewatched the OG line and this one's a bit better. Still not good enough for the trophy though.

Tom Wharf - Surfer Tom cruising about the park as if he's just turned pro for Magenta. Wouldn't want to get in his way though.

Jon Harris - Jon going on the full plaza summer tour with this line. However that revert after the 180 into the bank had us judges all going a bit Ricky Oyola 'Why?' Luckily that alley-opp fakie bigspin made us forget about it.

Veterans Winner Al Power - Wow! Now this one might not be the most technically best line, or the one with the most bangers. BUT it did get us thinking the most conceptually about any of the entries. Starting the line in the most avant-garde way OUTSIDE of the plaza, perhaps as a nod to Nick Jensen at the Berrics years ago blew our minds. What's even sicker is that that Al could have easily just done a straight manny into the plaza, but taking it around that corner is so rad. Flat land back 180 oozing with steez, the switch push to make you think 'wait, what stance is he again?' and then the M. Night Shyamalan-esque ending of whoops scooter kid in the way to how convenient there's a board on the hubba brought up all sorts of infinite life parallel universe theories. Way to blow our minds Al!

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