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Pictures courtesy of Reid Allen

The man of many talents, Leo Comanescu, has been keeping himself busy in between cat-walks filming, editing and stacking clips for the absolutely potent new Fountain promo video. With hammers aplenty from all the boys, you do not wanna miss this.

When the video starts with an extremely passionate Kev Barry line at Cardiff's most popular new landfill site, you know you're in for a treat, and the excitement doesn't stop there as more familiar faces put the hurt on some awkward Cardiff spots. 

Leo and PJ

After the brief intro and an indulgently Welsh shot of a sheep frolicking atop a hill, CSC's latest weapon Don Irfan turns the steeze up to eleven with plenty of picture perfect lines in some lesser-seen, cutty Cardiff spots - the front shuv over the chain was particularly niiiche. He even managed to get some killer footage at Wavey Wall before it got shut down, with buttery lines and some slammin' NBD's. Ollieing up onto that thin bit of wall is no joke, never mind having to thread the needle through the skate stoppers to backside 360 off it, and doing all of it in the middle of a line; there's a reason they call him the DON.

Lloyd takes the plunge at a prehistoric skate spot

It wouldn't be a Cardiff video without some Bute clips, and The Fountain Video definitely delivers; there's even bonus footage from across the road with PJ, Don and new-kid-on-the-block Oscar getting creative on an awkward ride-on ledge. All the boys gave Bute's treacherous black block a good seeing to, with Reid Allen and Sean Barnes getting tech with some switch boardslide/lipslide variations, before Oscar and Don both get nasally blunted. 

Leo looking picturesque

We all know the camera loves Leo, and The Fountain Video is further proof, as the bossman blesses us with a tasteful Jamie Thomas-style section filled with loads of heelflips and even more pop. He even gives us a glimpse of his cat-walk prowess with his brooding afterbangs. God he's handsome.

Leo and Lloyd camping in Aberystwyth

The closing section features a sublime mix of Welsh Tommy, Paul Jenkins, and Lloyd Houston as they get creative on some hectic spots. Lloyd has the honour of the final banger and it involves a roof, so you know it's gonna be mental. I've given away enough spoilers now though so stop time-wasting and head over to the Skateboarder's Companion site to watch the whole video and witness the sheer beauty of the boys in action, then hit the Fountain site and get yourself some of that good-good. You know you want to.

Hot guys in a hot tub
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