Bug Vs Snake - Mallorca Photo Gallery

by Mike

In Bug Vs Snake, there can only be one winner. View the gallery and let us know who you think came out on top.

Oscar 'Bug'Ed' Evans - Kickflip over the spine of the Snake

Now that you've all treated your eyes to the Bug Vs Snake edit (made by Hasbulla's biggest fan Harry Deane), and feasted upon Don's words in the Skateboards Companion article, we thought it was time to drop some behind the scenes and never seen before pictures from the trip. Keep scrolling for more.

Drying the Snake's venom was a mammoth task which required all hands on deck
Luckily PJ remembered to bring his bath robe
PJ takes on the Snake with a nollie back hizza
Seeing these two pics together is exactly like watching the footage, only quicker
Jake trying to impress the boys who don't seem interested
Harry trying to channel some Hasbulla energy, probably
Everyone was painfully hungover this day, Jake made the most of it by napping in the shade
Although that didn't stop Oscar from pounding out a blindside flip between the two banks
Or Peej from getting the #shapes on this BS flip
A well deserved Dragon Shake
Jake does the front tails
He also does the back tails
Timeless PJ backlip
Ed bet Oscar €20 to do this
PJ wallies into a conveniently drained fountain
Quick check of the footage and it's swimming time
This spot may look perfect, but looks deceive. Up hill run up, lots of foot traffic, vans unloading on the spot, a of waiting time between goes, and an uneasy sense that the cafe owners just out of shot were gonna kick off. Jake made sure this feeble up and round didn't take long.
Oscar with a flip 50 at that spot Atlantic Drift made look so much fun to skate, but it's actually all a bit gnarlier when you get there
'I'm done skating for that day boys' - Jake about 5 minutes before we came across the Paul Shier hubba. In classic fashion it took Jake longer to get a front blunt on the bench before going the distance on the lengthy boardslide.
Choose Bug
Choose BS flip
Must be nice
Balanced diet
Footage check scrum
Minimal shade and lots of hidden stones - 10/10 spot
Pulley Grind - also known by it's longer name of 180 switch 5 to regs
Quick dip
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