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If you're planning on learning tricks, you're probably going to want to get some hard wheels. Whether you're doing mile-long backside tailslides, or skidding around doing crazy powerslides like Leo Valls, hard wheels have got just the right amount of grip to let you grind and slide to your hearts content.

We stock a range of hard wheels, the hardness of which is measured in durometer. Generally speaking, a higher durometer means a harder wheel. 97D or 95a wheels are at the softer end, meaning they'll give you a slightly smoother ride on rough ground while still being able to slide, making them good for street skating.

Whereas, 101D, 101a, and 83B wheels are at the harder end making them far less grippy and better for sliding, although they'll be a pretty bumpy ride if you're skating on rough ground so they're best left for skateparks. If you want a happy medium, we usually say go for something around the 99D/99a mark.

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