Bristol Mike's Top 5

by Mike
A couple of facts about Bristol Mike; he's not actually from Bristol, he's probably got the best backtail in Cardiff, and he loves a BBQ more than anyone I know. You'll catch him every Wednesday at Spit tucking into a burger and every plaza comp finding some new ridiculous gap that no one else has spotted. We got him to take us on a journey through some of his favourite parts.

5. Leo Romero - Foundation That's life

The opening clip says it all, eat shit, get up, go again! Pure hammers all the way through. Leo's abilities on a rail at that time blew me away. 

4. Brian Wenning - Photosynthesis

The balance. The music. The style. The switch back smith at love 😍. How many ways can you pop out of a nose grind early?

3. Nick Jensen - Day In The City 1

Had to have a section from this video in here. There's so many quotes throughout this video that have stuck with me for years, but as a kid this section made me obsessed with sneaking out of the house and skating the early hours of the morning, there's still no better feeling. 

2. AVE - The DC Video

If you think you're skating fast enough, you're not. If you can get another push in, you fucking do it! AVE does not fuck about and is a pure beast in this part. This made me realise everything looks better at Mach 10, always go hard!

1.  Arto/Penny - Flip Sorry

Still gives me goose bumps watching this. The perfect skate video. The stories that my friends and I generated around the mystique of the whole team and Johnny Rottens hilarious commentary kept us entertained for years. Looking at this part now though, Penny's style and subtlety including the line down the triple set with the wooden landing are untouched, then Arto's got the best mix of hammers, style and trick selection, in a section that's all put together in a way that once you've seen it you'll never forget, and when that final Bowie song kicks in... (tears).

Bonus: Jason Dill - Photosynthesis 

I know Billy already picked this gem, but it's definitely up there with my favourites. I'm always blown away by Dill's pop in this part and that long line down the middle of the street with all the pushing, the fakie front shuv over the barrier and walking down stairs to get to the last trick, genius. 
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