Top 5 with Theobalds' Craig Jackson

We virtually sat down with Theobalds' head guy; Craig Jackson for this weeks Top 5.

These Top 5's started out as a bit of fun and some content filler. We just thought 'yeah, it would be rad to just ask our mates to pick some parts they like'. Fast forward a few weeks into it and we've got people messaging us asking to do one. One of those messages came from Craig Jackson; one of the main players behind Theobalds Cap Co. Obviously we were fully stoked that Craig wanted to do a Top 5. And stoked that his choices were a stick trip through a truly golden age of UK skateboarding. And even more stoked that he gave some proper good answers which were longer than 'this is so sick'. Come on lads, we all string a few sentences together. Lets start doing that more eh?

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1) Paul Shier - Static 2 - The Invisibles 

No one can deny the quick feet of Paul Shier. Ask any of my mates who my favourite skater is and they will say this guy. I still love to watch this old Barca VX footage and every time I visit the city you'll catch me quoting this film. The soundtrack is on point and I'm pretty sure it got me into Her Space Holiday and The Faint, the two bands that feature heavily in Shiers section. I learnt half cab flips shortly after watching this part too... Its also worth noting the London section in Static 2 which is also moody as fuck! 

2) Flynn Trottman - Creation

I was lucky enough to be introduced to skateboarding when i was about 11 years old via my older brother who was super into it at the time. Him and his friends would sit around watching skate videos and I would obviously try and tag along and pretty much copy him in every way. I think Creation could of been the first full length skate video I ever watched the whole way through, which I'm stoked on. I always remember being amazed by Flynn's commitment to nollie back heel into the bank bank at Euston and how he makes the claim twice before putting it down. Powerful stuff to watch when you're 11... 

3) Snowy - Portraits

This film was a game changer. I love the whole thing but Snowy's part always stood out the most. I think the spots and music pretty much encapsulates UK skateboarding in the mid 2000's perfectly. I also went out and did not come home until I learnt to nollie flip after I watched this. 

4) Danny Brady - Lost and Found

Another massive game changer here. I was 16 or 17 when L&F came out and Blueprint was at the top of its game. Everyone had brown cords, military caps,  stripey t shirts and Nike Dunks. It was the best of times. Brady's section in this really takes the biscuit, we were actually at SOAS on the day of the premiere and I literally couldn't believe the front and backside 180 manuals he does there. I went out and made sure I could do fakie flip then half cab flip in short succession straight after watching this section. 

5) Louie Barletta & Jerry Hsu - Subject to Change

I think got this DVD for free with a Sidewalk or another mag... Either way I remember this section standing out massively. I think this section really did spark my love for both of these guys, I always remember loving the fact that these guys literally just came across like they couldn't care less about what anyone thinks about them. It seems like these guys are having non stop fun then all the sudden they'll bust out a crazy line switch or something. I love the New Order song and it pretty much encapsulates one of the most important aspects of skateboarding: Friendship. 
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